CS Summer

Summer Computer Science 

Computer science summer camp at Rising Future is designed for students in grades 4th to 12th. Goal of this program is to excite young children about computer science and help them develop valuable logical reasoning and computational thinking skills. We offer various class based upon the grade level and current knowledge of the student.

Introduction to CS

Create Animations and Games

This is a first course in computer science. This course introduces students to conditional logic, problem solving and computational thinking. This is taught using in class activities, worksheets, and program call Scratch by MIT media labs. At the end of the 4 week session, students will be able to create simple animations, games and applications. 

Level: Grade 4th - 8th

Duration: 3 Quarters, Quarter = 12 weeks. Summer: Quarter 1

App Development

This is a first course for any student who is interested in creating Apps. In this course students are introduced to computational thinking by engaging them in creating apps for mobile phone and tablets. In addition to developing logic, students learn about use of various sensors. Students pull valuable data from these sensors to create real life android apps. 

Level: Grades 7th - 12th OR Have completed Introduction to CS

Duration: Summer / Option for Fall

Introduction to Java

Introduction to object oriented programming in Java. Goal of this course is to give students concrete understanding of computer science concepts of variables, conditionals, repetitions, flow control, functions, methods, lists, objects and divide and conquer approach of problem solving. This course is taught based upon principles of project-based learning, where each concept is taught in relations to the problem on hand. During first half of this course students do not use syntax and focus is completely on problem solving.

Second half of this course focuses on developing understanding of applying learned concepts to java language. This part of the course is taught using Eclipse IDE. By the end of this course students will be able to write algorithms, understand basics of computer science, use flow control in conjunctions with relational, logical and arithmetic operators to solve problems. Students will further be able to write modular programs.

Prerequisite: Grade 8th / Have completed Introduction to CS

Duration: 4 Quarters, Quarter = 12 weeks. Summer: Quarter 1

AP Computer Science - A

This is an advance placement course in computer science. Primary language for this course is Java. In this course high school students are taught understanding and application of object-oriented programing concepts. Concepts covered are classes, ID arrays, 2D arrays, data structures: lists, ArrayLists, Interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. This is a rigorous course and requires students to complete 4/5 hours of homework every week.  More information about this course can be found on College Board website. 

Information: College board APCS-A       

Description: Course Description

1-Year Plan: 

Prerequisite - Calculus / Honors PreCalculus / Intro Java - May 2017 Exam

2-Year Plan:

Open to all High School Students - May 2018 Exam


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