Computer Science

Benefits of Rising Future Computer Science Program:

    • Comprehensive: From Intro CS– App Development – AP CS – to Robotics and beyond.
    • Develops hands on, inquiry based way in which one learns to think computationally.
    • Fun and engaging.
    • Confidence building: Gives student’s belief that they can solve any problem.
    • Decompose problem: Promotes problem solving attitude which spreads across the curriculum.
    • Expression: Arms students with another tool of expression in addition to writing and drawing
    • Possibilities are INFINITE

Curriculum Based
Our computer science program is based upon the nationally and internationally recognized curriculum. In addition to logic building and problem solving, it includes complete sections on how to interact with technology and media of today. Social responsibilities and ethics while using internet and technology.
Head Fake Model of Education
In this model students learn: problem solving, team work, and computational thinking while creating games, animations, videos, and mobile apps. Time spend having fun, building and doing these activities helps students develop computational creativity. Students are motivated and understand how to learn by experimenting and doing.
Objective Based
It is an objective based learning program, with concrete output. Every phase has set goals, which student will be able to achieve at the end of that particular phase. Program also accommodates for different learning styles.
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