Math Program

Rising Future math program improves student’s conceptual understanding builds mental skill, thinking and problem solving.

Benefits of Rising Future Math Program:

    • Student Focused: Content of lesson customized to student needs.
    • Differentiated Instruction: Caters to various learning styles.
    • Develops ability to visualize and make connections, which improves logical reasoning and problem solving skill.
    • Research Based: is a top ranked math program in the world based upon TIIMS and PISA research.
    • Modern, Motivational, Adaptive and Dynamic Learning System.
    • Rigorous and Challenging
Research Based
Singapore math is the #1 ranked math program in the world based upon the various international assessments of student’s math achievement. Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study TIMSS -2007, TIMMS – 2011 ranks Singapore within the top three for fourth and eighth grade math scores. The program for International Student Assessment PISA-2012 ranks Singapore in the top 2, in an assessment given to over 500,000 students in 65 countries.
Adaptive, Dynamic & Motivational
IXL math is the top rated online math learning environment. Its ability to adjust the type, and number of problems based upon the student responses, makes it a great tool for differentiated learning. IXL’s approach of gamification of education with help of instant feedback and rewards makes it motivational and results in a fun learning experience.
Aligned with NJCCC
Our program will help students perform better in school. As we try to align our instruction to NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. In addition we also help students with any questions or difficulties they have with concepts learned at schools.
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