SAT Prep






We look at SAT as an opportunity to summarize learning from grades 1st to 10th with our students. We clarify and reinforce all concepts with our students to fill any holes that might have developed in their learning.

We look at SAT as a tool to build competitive sprit, confidence, reasoning, and problem solving ability in our students. This test allows students to realize where they stand in comparison to every other student in the world. This test matters.

We look at SAT as a path for a student to get ready for and to get into an excellent college. A major step in building a future.

How Do We Do It?

Certified teachers with years of experience
Multiple ways to approach solution are taught
Test taking strategies are rehearsed on daily basis
Customized problem sets are assigned
Classroom and Online assignments
Consistent feedback is provided to parents and students 
Periodic testing to assess student progress
Reviews and practice tests till the day of the test

Why Rising Future?

Family Run: We are a family of educators, and this is what we do
We are Teachers: We have taught in NJ public schools for years
Reliable: Our students are with us from grades 1 to 12th
 Helped hundreds of students to achieve their goals

Small groups We cater to students learning styles and needs
Results: Every year we have delivered above average results 

Team work: We work as a team between Parent-Student-Teacher
Resources: We have developed a vast library of resources and are able to help students with any needs


  • 100 Hours of instruction
  • 20 Practice tests
  • Dates: 7/10/2017 - 8/17/2017   (M,T,We&Th)
                  September (Sa & Su)
  • Time: 9:00 am - 1:30 pm
  • Cost:  $2900
  • Promotion Extended: $400 off Register by 5/15/2017



2139 - Average SAT score of our students for 2015-16

751     - Average SAT math score of our students for 2015-16

40%     - Perfect Scores (800) on either math/reading/writing sections

What do our students say?

Attending SAT prep at RF enabled me to achieve my best. I scored 800 in math!

I was at 1900, SAT prep at Rising Future helped me raise my score to 2380.

This class changed the way I think about Math and English.

You actually teach all the concepts.

I am not lost in a large classroom.

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