Summer Enrichment

Summer Enrichment Plan

4-week Academic Enrichment Program - Grades: 1st to 7th

Goal: to prepare students for this first half of the next school year. We achieve this goal by:

Plugging holes in learning: Students get a chance to catch up with the learning they might have missed during the regular school year.

Opportunity to get ahead: Students learn curriculum for the next grade during the summer. This allows students to focus better when these concepts are introduced in school.

Learning to read for enjoyment: Without the pressure of being constantly tested, we foster love of reading in children by encouraging them to read for enjoyment.

Dive into understanding: Summer allows us to dwell more into understanding and applying concepts. This is important as during the school year students learn a wide range of material and do not have enough time to dig deep into concepts.

Program Details


Vocabulary: Students will be learning 200 new vocabulary words. These words will be grade specific and chosen from tests like Parcc and SAT. Students will engage with all words in multiple ways, writing sentences, using in expression, using in writing essays and prompts.

Grammar: Students will work on grade specific rules of grammar. This includes identifying and using nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, parallel structures, prepositions and idioms.

Reading Comprehension: This part of the program will help student develop key reading comprehension skills like: understanding, clarifying, questioning, predicting, summarizing and analyzing.  In addition we will also be running weekly reading challenges.



Word Problems: Big part of our summer math program is to help students develop problem solving ability. Emphasizing importance of understanding problem, dividing problem into smaller pieces, sequencing solution to the problem and solving each subpart one at a time.

Conceptual Understanding: Lot of focus over the summer is on working with students to impart them understanding of the concepts. Once students understand concepts they are able to catch on higher-level concepts.

Drills: Students will also work on math drills to reinforce concepts they have learnt.

"Summer shouldn’t just be a vacation. Instead, it should be a time to get ahead, to branch out and learn new skills, to have new experiences, like acting in a play or doing some outdoor learning." 

~ First Lady Michelle Obama

Practices @ Rising Future

Certified Teachers: Not only do we understand content, we also understand students.

Personalized Instruction: We don’t teach to book, we teach based upon the student's level of understanding. Our teachers plan for each student and customize lessons to students learning objectives.

Teacher to student ratio: Small teacher to student ratio (1-5)

Rigor in learning: We ask difficult questions of our students and help them understand solutions. Curriculum taught is aligned with Common Core.

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