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Elementary Education

Elementary education is the foundation on which your child will build a bright future. During these formative years, the child builds conceptual understanding by interacting with objects in a concrete manner.
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For example, the number 2, an abstract symbol gets associated with two objects when you give the child two objects to hold. These ideas are continuously extended to develop an understanding of the ideas of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Children also discover associativity, commutatively, and other properties of numbers by playing and experimenting.
Students associate math concepts with contexts of the words, stories, and real-world scenarios to learn problem – solving.
It is very important that every child gets ample opportunity to make these connections in the real world. Additionally, children should be exposed to multiple ways of thinking about the problem and approaching it as this allows them to unknowingly understand the idea of optimization.
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Rising Future’s elementary – level math and English programs are planned around these requirements. Our course allows children to reinforce concepts learned in school while allowing for the opportunity to build further problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding.
At the elementary school level, up to grade 6, the tutoring is tailored to the specific needs of your child. We create a rigorous and challenging, but fun lesson plans for your child, using modern, motivational, adaptive, and dynamic learning systems. We teach using various techniques, taking into account your child’s learning style.  We provide the top-ranked math program in the world based on TIMS and PISA research. We also employ teaching methods based on the national math curricula used from kindergarten through sixth grade in Singapore, which involves teaching mathematical concepts using a 3 step process.
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