Whether it is a student who is having a difficult time finishing the test on time or a student who is overstretched by a load of extracurricular activities or a student who is struggling to grasp a concept, there are many different reasons that prompt parents to look for tutoring. “One size fit all is not a system that can be associated with education”. Every child has his or her own learning style, set of questions, and motivators and mentors just like fingerprints.
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Personal tutoring and a private learning environment allow students to express themselves, ask their own questions and get answers to the questions they have not thought of. This form of learning experience can allow students to understand their own learning style, develop better study skills, and ignite the passion for learning.
A big part of the high school learning experience is maintaining GPA and doing well on the SAT/ACT tests. Our subject area specialists at the high school level are the professionals who understand curriculum, sequencing, content and the needs of the students. We tailor instruction to the requirements of the students, filling any gaps that might have developed in the students learning, strengthening their fundamental understanding and developing problem – solving ability.
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At the high school levels, we offer tutoring classes in the following subjects: Algebra I & Algebra II, Geometry, Pre – Calculus & Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Spanish. Whether your child learns best in a one to one setting or small group lessons.

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