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The middle school years are the “make it or break it” years in child development. This is the time when some students being to disengage from school and other start to chart their path of academic success and accolades. Research indicates that students at risk of not being successful at high school can be identified as early as 6th grade.
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Middle School3
These are the years when students develop their academic mindset and learn how to learn. Students start to think critically and solve complex problems that involve multiple levels of abstraction and application of more than one concept simultaneously.
Many subjects that used to be part of the high school curriculum have been pushed down to middle school, such as Algebra I, fundamentals of grammar, and reading comprehension. All these factors make grades 6th – 8th very crucial in the complete development of a child. It is proven by research that small learning groups and positive role models can have a tremendous impact on the children during these years.
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At Rising Future, we strive to bring all the resources to make middle school a pleasant and fruitful experience for our students. In addition to being experts in the subject areas, our teachers bring valuable life experience to our students. Furthermore, we give students opportunities to work with authentic questions and problems similar to what they will encounter on school tests. For students who are looking for a challenge, we teach them at a level that is above their current level so that they can excel even more. Our ability to customize content to the needs of our students, our understanding of the system, and the needs of our students makes us stand out among the many other learning centers.