Rising Future does SAT differently

Rising Future’s philosophy of SAT prep is completely student facing. This means that content, schedule and plans are designed keeping in mind the needs, motivations and goals of the student. Major components of our plan are

1. Motivation / Planning – Our plan breaks SAT prep into 13 weeks. Each week is broken down into daily goals. This chunking of bigger goal into manageable daily goals allows students to stay motivated and focused. This is the most complete plan that is offered for SAT.
2. Differentiated Instruction – Smaller class size and certified teachers and content to cater to students at various levels, allows us to differentiate instruction for our students.
3. Student connections – We are a family run business, we live in this community, we know parents, and we know students and we proud ourselves on being able to make a difference for a student. Our students stay with us for SAT prep and beyond.

Extensive Teaching Content

The College Board is the source of the most authentic test prep questions for the SAT. In order to answer these questions, students need to have complete conceptual understanding of the content and develop fluency and dexterity in problem solving.
In order for students to develop a thorough conceptual understanding of all topics, their teachers must have complete knowledge of the subject and access to a wide range of resources.
Here at Rising Future we have put in countless hours over many years in coming up with unique problem sets that help students develop a complete understanding and speed in answering the various questions they encounter in the SAT.

All in one Package

The primary focus of the SAT program at Rising Future is the needs of individual students. The first phase of the program focuses on building strong foundations for the subjects the SAT tests. With the use of many different resources for practice questions, students become familiar with the various ways each topic can be tested on the SAT. The second phase focuses entirely on test taking strategies, timed practice, and review sessions. The combination of these two phases creates a one complete, thorough, and authentic program. Students who complete this program are comfortable with the test and are confident in the abilities, which is the best attitude to have for any exam.

SAT Experts

All our SAT instructors are certified teachers who have scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT test themselves. These individuals not only teach the SAT, but they also subject themselves to the rigor of taking the test at least once a year. Our teachers understand the students and the test better than anyone else. They have all delivered above average results on the SAT for the past 5 years.
Class sizes are limited in order to maintain the best learning environment for your child.

We Actually Teach

We feel utmost pride when we hear our students complementing the work we put in. One comment that we hear all the time is, “You guys actually teach”.
Our instruction style is founded on the belief that in order to run, you must first learn how to walk. Everything we teach follows the same path – we start with the basics to build a strong foundation, and then move on to more abstract concepts. Our plan does not make any assumptions about what student’s might/should already know and goes over all the details.
Over the years we have noticed that many of our students have moved up a level in subject areas they originally needed more help in as a result of this teaching style.

We Bring Out the Best in Our Students Through Motivation

It is impossible to perform at your best when you do not understand the end goal. This is very true for the SAT. If a student is not motivated to do well or is not excited by the challenge of the SAT, they will not do as well as others.
Our SAT program strives to make SAT scores relevant to the students – allowing students to become competitive with their scores and understand where the SAT fits into their bigger plan for the future.
The SAT program at Rising Future is structured such that it breaks the whole SAT into multiple short-term goals while keeping an eye on the big picture (the entire exam). This keeps students focused and motivated, and helps them feel less daunted by the exam.
In addition to this, the small class size allows us to make personal connections with each and every student and focus on their individual concerns and needs.
Along with learning concepts, students must drill them in order to ensure speed and confidence in answering questions on the exam. Students will be assigned many different problem sets that will expose them to the many different ways each topic can be tested to try to make sure nothing surprises them on test day. Each test does have new questions, so preparing for all of them is the best plan.

Tips and Tricks of SAT

We bring in a lot of value to the SAT prep by sharing abstractions that we have developed based upon the type of questions students encounter on the SAT test. These abstractions allow students to speed up the process of finding the correct answer. Students further use these abstractions in regular class room to get ahead with the school work.

Analyzing Results

Our team is constantly discussing and reviewing the student progress. Score of all the tests that our students take are logged and analyzed to discover patterns and trends in the student growth. Our experts use these results to guide instruction and to differentiate delivery of content in the classroom. Students get tremendous value from this kind of feedback, as this allows them to focus on what they need to learn.

Every student is an individual


Got to work more on this ….

We really make sure that every student always has the opportunity for more help if needed. We know that not every student learns at the same pace or in the same way, so we have amassed an extensive collection of resources in order to make sure we have something that can cater to each student. We are also available outside of class hours for extra help.

Staying on Task – Calming down anxiety

Preparing for the SAT is the most daunting task that student will undertake in their academic journey from high school to college. There are many factors associated with this test that make it a huge deal for the students and their parents.
  • This is the first time when student will be compared to every other 11th / 12th grade student in the whole country. Approximately 1.7 million students take SAT every year.
  • * Peer pressure: It is normal for a student to feel pressure of scoring high on the SAT from their peers. Students always compete with each other in every domain, and when this extends to SAT prep, this needs to be managed in the appropriately.
  • * Colleges use this test as a gateway to allow students into various programs. Now, if you are some one who is looking to get into a medical school / engineering school / pharmacy or any of the other top disciplines, you realize that you are competing with a lot more students than what you see at your school.
  • College tuition is expensive. According to the report published by College Board average cost of a 4 year college ranges from $25,000 – $55,000 per year. Students and parents both want student to score as high as they can, in order to qualify for the academic scholarship.


It is very important student stays focused, on task and stress free during the prep. At Rising Future, our approach or personalizing instruction, setting up small groups and establishing personal connections with students, helps us ease any pressures student may incur. This allows student to feel at ease, to open up and be comfortable with asking questions and with the prep.