The SAT for Us

We don’t see the SAT as just another standardized test. We see it as a culmination of critical reading and math skills that the student have gained from grades 1 – 10. We start from the basics in order to thoroughly clarify and reinforce all the concepts with our students in order to ensure there are no gaps in their education. The SAT is a tool to build reasoning and problem-solving skills as well as to build competitive spirit. This test allows students to see where they stand among every other student in the country. It is a path for student to get into an excellent college and build a bright future.

The SAT for Us

In order to achieve our goal of preparing each and every student to the best of our ability, we have a well-planned course of action. We employ certified teachers with years of experience, who teach a variety of ways to approach each problem in order to find at least one that suits each student. Our customized problem sets to ensure that students get more than enough practice to become comfortable with these strategies and feel confident in employing them on test day. We have in-class and online assignments that are used to continuously track improvement, which is reported to parents and students on a consistent basis. There is periodic testing with the practice SAT exams to assess student progress, and this is continued right up to the day of the test.

How do we do it?

We have a wide array of features that we use to prepare each student.

  • Certified teachers with years of experience
  • Various strategies to approach each problem
  • Practice tests are given on a regular basis
  • Consistent progress tracking
  • Customized problem set
  • Daily review both in-class and online

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