Rapid SAT Prep

Are you planning to take SAT in less than a month? Are you confident that you have all the tools you need to succeed on the test?


What is it?

Rising Future’s Rapid SAT Prep isn’t just a practice test or an ad for our classes. Instead, this session is an explosively informative weekend created to allow students to enter the March SAT with the knowledge they need to succeed.

The Rapid SAT Prep aims to equip students with the knowledge of all the different question types on the test and the complete format of the test. We advise students on pacing for the test that will be most beneficial to them individually. We review all of the problem solving strategies students should employ in order to get the correct answers, along with special techniques, tips and tricks to spot the correct answers for particular question types.

By the end of the Rapid SAT Prep, students will:

  • Gain complete understanding of all the different question types that will be asking on the SAT
  • Problem solving strategies to defeat the SAT.
  • Specific strategies that target each question type on the test.
  • Learn clever ways and tricks to find the correct answer to the question in less than a minute
  • Strategies to spot the main idea of a passage without reading it entirely.
  • Tips and tricks to detect grammatical mistakes.
  • Techniques to manage time on the SAT.
  • Understanding the SAT test format.

Our Take on the SAT

The SAT is completely different than any test that you have taken in school. Tests in school are looking for your complete understanding of a concept taught recently. On the other hand, the SAT assesses your problem-solving skills and your ability to choose the best answer out the given 4 choices in a timely manner. Success on SAT is directly correlated with your ability to understand the problem, the context and to logically reason out the solution.

How Can You be Successful?

We believe that success on the SAT starts with understanding various problem-solving strategies like breaking down problem into different parts, looking at certain parts of the question, spotting distractors and eliminating answers choices- all things that can tremendously help students to increase score on the SAT Test.

On the math section of the SAT, it’s not important to do the math. What really matters is your ability to find the correct answer. In fact, if you try to do the math, it will be extremely difficult to be able to finish the complete test.

On the reading section of the SAT, you do not need to read the whole passage to spot the main idea. You can recognize keywords that will lead to the right answer. On the Writing section of the test, you can detect grammatical tricks just waiting for you.

Who are We?

Rising Future has been in the business of test prep from the past 6 years and has always delivered above average results. We are established by educators who take actual SAT test every year to best advise the students. Our test preparation is individualized- we care about each student as an individual. Each piece of education material is specifically tailored to each student. At Rising Future we motivate, we teach and we deliver the best results.